Directors & Consultants

✪ Board of Directors of Canada - China SMe Business Expansion Association

Kenny M. L. Wan


Larry X. L. Chen


Hong Zhang

Vice President

Alice Zhao

Service Member in Toronto

◐ He Zhang
◐ Xin Guan

◐ Kohana Ke

✪ Consultants of CCSBEA


Canada - China SMe Business Expansion Association recruits and pleases consultants who are highly respected for their search experience and sector knowledge to assist our members in their professional. Through their careers in business and as search professionals, they have built relationships with an extensive network of outstanding leaders, and collaborate with colleagues globally to share expertise across industries, functions and geographies.


The successes of our members are partly dependent on the proven knowledge, quality and commitment from our senior experience consultants. Function of CCSBEA makes an important contribution to that success of our valuable members.

Industry of Financial & Mortgage

Mr. Afshin Doust

Industry of Medical & Doctoral Service

Dr. Abraham Han

Industry of Lighting Protection

Mr. Amir Rizk

Industry of Health Supplement

Mr. Jimmy Chang

Industry of Fishing Tackle & Equipments

Mr. Arthur Wu

Industry of Robot Machine & AI

Mr. Farhang Bidram

Mr. Harry Bloy
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