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There are many reasons to join the Canada - China SMe Business Expansion Association ("CCSBEA"). Perhaps one of the most important benefits is the expansion of your business network to over hundred connections between North America and China.


You will have opportunities to meet face-to-face with your peers at events such as the Annual Summit Meeting (ASM), other conferences and meetings supported through CCSBEA. These events allow for business expansion education and ensure that you are kept up to date on research, changing guidelines and new protocols within the business fields. As an extra benefit, members will receive a discounted registration fee for any special Meeting.


If you are unable to attend a conference, you will still be able to stay abreast of what’s new and exciting through the quarterly newsletter. Current issues and archives are available on the CCSBEA website.


General Membership Privileges and Conditions:

  • Business card sized advertisements in website for Business Members.
  • Notification of events organized by the Association and other organizations.
  • Regular communications and Newsletters from the Association.
  • Enrollment in functions and events organized by the Association at  discount rate.
  • Each corporate & business member may designate two representatives to receive membership benefits and participate in CCSBEA events.
  • Other benefits as offered by our members, partner associations and sponsors at their discretion.

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Become A Member

Become an Individual Member of CCSBEA today and enjoy the benefits that come with it. Take advantage of the opportunity and make you to the next horizon.  Hone you through various industry specific seminars and workshops, or participate in our large-scaled upcoming events with us to rich your business life smoothly. 

Become a Business Member

When you become a CCSBEA Business Member, your company join the SMe across the country who are set up for success. You will enjoy exclusive access to consultant advice, arrangement on vital business services. Become a Business Member today and get the expertise and knowledge from our consultants in need. 

Become our Volunteer

Do you want to gain some business experiences between Canada and China? Get involved as a Volunteer to Improve your communication and leadership skills by organizing various activities, seminars and major events. This experience will help you become more marketable in the eyes of the employers.

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